Anticipating Christmas

Published by Matthew Johnson on

Our family is really looking forward to Christmas this year. As we mentioned in our September update, Margarita is able to come back to our home for Winter Hosting, thanks to the awesome team at Host Orphans Worldwide! We are counting down the days now… only 3 left! THREE DAYS! Then our family will feel complete again for four weeks as we celebrate Christmas and New Years together – what an incredible gift!

Final Preparations

This afternoon, we finished making our welcome sign to take to the airport and Christy spent a bunch of time tidying up the bedroom where Margarita will be sleeping so that it’s really special for her. There are a handful of last-minute things we need to do before her arrival, but once she arrives, the season can really begin.

Prayer Needs

Please pray for Margarita and the ~90 other children that will be traveling to the states sometime in the next few days; for many, this will be their first airplane flight, and their first time in America. All of these kiddos are so brave – I can only imagine how nervous they must be to meet their host families. Please also be praying that our time over the holidays with Margarita will be a blessing to her, grow our family closer together, and bring glory to God. 🎄