Details Coming Together

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After a few weeks of waiting, it seems that lots of details are coming together this week! In the past few days, we have reached a couple of really significant milestones in the adoption process and wanted to post an update to celebrate!

Home Study Complete

Our last meeting with our social worker about our home study was probably more than a month ago, yet there was still lots of work necessary to complete this important document. Our adoption agency completed a detailed review of our home study from the perspective of our state, US Immigration, and Ukraine’s requirements – making adjustments and edits along the way. This week marked the completion of all that review and feedback, and we received word a few days ago that our home study has been sent off for state verification, the last step before we can file our US Immigration paperwork. This is a huge milestone, and we’re super excited and grateful!

Completed Parent Training

Additionally, last weekend, Christy and I completed the last class in our adoption parent training! The same day we heard that our home study was complete, we received our certificate of completed training from our agency. The parent training has been intense, but incredibly helpful. Looking back over the past few months, we are so grateful for all that we have learned in the various courses, and there is so much that we can apply in our parenting right now. It hasn’t always been easy, and we haven’t even begun put a fraction of what we’ve learned into practice, but with the tools and resources available to us, we feel much more confident to step forward!

US Immigration Paperwork Submitted

This morning, we put a package in the mail containing all our US Immigration paperwork, in preparation for submission upon successful validation of our home study by the state. Once our immigration paperwork is officially filed, we will enter a bit of a waiting period of approximately 60-90 days until we receive the official approval to adopt from Ukraine. During this time, we’ll be finishing up all the paperwork required for submission to Ukraine, and of course, spending the Christmas and New Years holidays with our sweet Margarita!

Mailing our immigration paperwork! (Not all the kids wanted to come out in the cold to the mailbox)
Mailing our immigration paperwork! (Not all the kids wanted to come out in the cold to the mailbox)

Prayer Update

Thank you for your continued prayers for and support of our family! It’s so clear that God has been at work through this process so far, providing for financial costs up to this point and guiding each step we have taken. We appreciate continued prayer for a quick processing of the USCIS paperwork and that all the remaining paperwork details would be squared away. Please also pray for financial provision as we continue fundraising for the remaining adoption costs here at the end of the year!

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