Medical Paperwork Complete!

Published by Matthew Johnson on

Yesterday, we passed one of the bigger hurdles for our adoption paperwork: we completed our medical health forms! Praise God!! Our adoption agency told us this is one of the more difficult steps to complete, often because doctors tend to fill out the forms incorrectly, and because each piece of paperwork must be notarized as well.

Thankfully, our family doctor was happy to do our medical checkups, run the necessary tests for a host of diseases, and then complete the required forms according to the specifications. We had to wait about a week on the test results to come back (good news, we’re all healthy!!), and we then scheduled a time to get all the paperwork signed. A coworker of mine who is also a notary volunteered to meet me at the doctor’s office yesterday morning to witness the signatures and perform the required notary duties. Afterwards, to make sure everything was done correctly, I scanned copies of the completed documents and sent them over to our adoption agency… we just heard back this morning that everything looks great! Whew!

This step definitely took a team effort, and we are thanking Jesus for how smoothly it went. It is a relief to have one of the major milestones out of the way, and now we’re praying that we won’t have any delays in getting our government/immigration steps processed, since this paperwork is only valid for six months! For now, we’re taking a rest and waiting on our social worker to complete our home study before we start into the next phase.

Here we are at the doctor’s office, waiting for our first appointment.